7 movies to remember Robin Williams by


A figure who loomed large in our childhoods and made us laugh and cry is suddenly gone and we wanted to offer a small tribute for what it was worth. Here’s a short list that the three of us here at PopMythology put together of the 7 Robin Williams movies that we’d most like to remember him by.

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‘Amiss’ far surpasses its limits


It would be easy for the elements of 'Amiss' to slip into a derivative crime drama, but instead the film crafts a mystery where overlapping narratives deepen character and widen the scope of an intimate story. This is a very assured piece of filmmaking from a pair of first-time feature directors without the eagerness or mimicry common to other debut films.

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5 reasons Max von Sydow will rock it in Star Wars VII

We don't yet know what kind of character Max von Sydow is going to play, but it would be a waste if he doesn't play either a Jedi or a Sith. That might not work out plot-wise, but von Sydow really would be excellent as some wise, elderly emissary of the Force and here are five pieces of evidence to support this.

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