It’s a heart-warming trailer, Charlie Brown


Before Marvel, before DC, before any comic books period, my love affair with sequential art began with cartoon strips as a little boy. And the first strip that really got me hooked was Peanuts. This is why it warms my heart to see this first trailer for the upcoming CG-animated Peanuts movie.

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Pop Mythology’s 1st annual Mythies Awards — cast your votes!


With the Oscars fast approaching, we at Pop Mythology decided that we’d like to recognize some of 2013’s cinematic highlights in our own unique way, highlighting films and performances which the Academy is likely to ignore: the geek films, the superhero films, the end of the world films, and the cheap films.

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‘Welcome to the Jungle’: they’ve got fun and games


Welcome to the Jungle is an entirely likable comedy that once again illustrates the timeless truism that so long as he can stop being a pushover, the smart nerd always wins and gets the girl while the coarse, aggressive d**khead gets his face righteously kicked by Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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