Pop Mythology’s Ten Best Movies of 2019

It’s unfortunate but I must start with an apology: this list is far later than I’d like. The first reason for this tardiness is due to my current job for which I had an intense period in the middle of January, two weeks in which my life shut down other …

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REVIEW: ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ pushes Spider-Man, and the MCU, into the future

By now we should all know the phrase (credited to Ben Parker) which governs Spider-Man’s existence. In the five movies in which this current version of Ben’s nephew has appeared, the MCU has wisely avoided giving us yet another utterance of this ubiquitous phrase. As the first film following the …

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REVIEW: ‘Dark Phoenix’ is bad—not funny-bad or offensive-bad, just bad

[*No spoiler review*] As the credits rolled to close Dark Phoenix I looked over to the friend who foolishly accompanied me and remarked, “So when does the movie start?” We then waited a moment trying to put together the words to properly describe the images and noises we had previously …

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