REVIEW: ‘Dark Phoenix’ is bad—not funny-bad or offensive-bad, just bad

[*No spoiler review*] As the credits rolled to close Dark Phoenix I looked over to the friend who foolishly accompanied me and remarked, “So when does the movie start?” We then waited a moment trying to put together the words to properly describe the images and noises we had previously …

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‘I’d love to be on set right now!’ An interview with indie filmmaker Lars Henriks

I’ve never made a movie. I’ve always wanted to, I’ve written a couple on my own, co-written a couple more, and even arranged a cast and crew and scheduled a shoot only to have it all collapse, twice, but I have yet to actually make a movie. The excuses are …

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REVIEW: ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ is exactly as big as it needs to be

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The plot of 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' can't help but feel really small, so to speak, compared to the prospect of wiping out of half of all life in the universe, but the off-beat humor keeps the movie brisk when the low-stakes story and low-rent secondary villains aren't enough to propel it forward.

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