5 Netflix hacks while social distancing

After several weeks of quarantine, my go-to sources of entertainment online began to get a little stale. I found myself wishing memories of cherished movies could be suppressed so I could enjoy them anew, Carol Danvers style (but less dark). Fortunately, we don’t need to go to that extent in …

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Distanced D&D: A chat with Jeff Cannata of ‘The Dungeon Run’

  Right now, distancing practices and school closures are presenting obstacles in traditional educational delivery models. Students are cut off from their friends, their teachers and the traditional social interaction of teaching has now been remanded to contact via the internet on platforms like Google Classroom or videoconferencing. Curriculum packaging …

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INTERVIEW: Oyin Oladejo on using sci-fi to explore humanity

Enjoying the genre of science fiction, whether you are an observer or a participant, means that there is a sense of childhood wonder that goes along with supporting the willful sense of disbelief. It’s integral to the genre. Science fiction may have a degree of scientific principles involved in order …

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The Essential Pop Culture Mom – Interview with Jean Yoon of ‘Kim’s Convenience’

jean yoon - kims convenience

How cool would it be if your mom was the captain of a space battleship? Mothers have had such an integral role in fandom. From Lost in Space’s Maureen Robinson to Harry Potter’s Molly Weasely, moms have not only played important characters in pop culture but have represented its best …

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Karl Urban is the King of Fandoms: An appreciative look at his geek-tastic career

karl urban king of fandoms

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Karl Urban, King of Fandoms. I dare you: name a fandom that Karl Urban hasn’t been a part of? I’m even including Westerns in that. Seriously… take a few minutes and go through as many genres and fandoms you can think of and see …

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INTERVIEW: Colm Feore’s classical training serves him well in ‘The Umbrella Academy’

colm-feore-umbrella-academy (4)

Colm Feore has been long-regarded as one of Canada’s greatest acting talents. You could argue that the secret of his success rests in his versatility or his classical training. Or you could even make the case that his abundant enthusiasm provides the fuel for his performance. I, however, think it …

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INTERVIEW: Joel Thomas Hynes plays a small-town underdog in ‘Little Dog’

little dog

The underdog is by definition the least estimated of us all, but when you’re the family underdog, then that’s a perfect storm of misery from which there is no respite. There’s a unique dynamic in the families of underdogs that not only forces the poor bastard to suffer privation and …

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