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Gender and sexuality as continuums rather than two-sided coins in Jared Diamond’s ‘The Third Chimpanzee’

Episode 2 of Cosmos dealt with the always controversial subject of evolution. I thought the show provided a wonderful and very accessible overview of the subject, but at the end of the show my husband, who is not a scientist, was ready to hear more. Being ever the bookworm, my answer was, to him and anyone else who might feel the same way, read Jared Diamond’s The Third Chimpanzee.

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Shocking revelations and deadly dealings in Sherlock, ‘His Last Vow’


Overall, I give Season 3 of Sherlock five stars. With some minor faults in the episodes, the overall arc of the season showed something amazing: Sherlock Holmes’ heart. The season was about emotion over intellect. Sherlock Holmes may be a “high-functioning sociopath” but clearly he has learned to love.

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18 TV shows that will teach you how to write


Read all the how-to books you want, but the best way to learn fiction writing is by studying the masters. Whether you’re writing novels or screenplays, there’s a lot to learn from the modern masters of TV writing. Here are eighteen of the best TV shows to study, listed with the characteristic that stands out the strongest in their writing.

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