Reality TV: does art imitate life or does life imitate art?


Ever since television first entered Americans’ living rooms, people have been debating what effect it has had on our everyday lives. From controversies surrounding television violence to the effect of advertising on children, the debate around television’s influence has been raging for decades. With the current popularity of reality TV, …

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No Sympathy for ‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson


I have no sympathy for Phil Robertson regarding the public backlash following his homophobic remarks. My sympathy goes to those who will potentially be hurt by all this and let me tell you, it ain't Robertson who, if anything, may very well profit from the publicity of this controversy more than he is hurt by it.

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The Walking Dead S4 E8 – “Too Far Gone” | Review


Flaws aside, “Too Far Gone” was a great TWD episode. It struck a balance of action, plot, and character development, and—unlike with the midseason finales of Seasons 2 and 3—there’s really no predicting where the second half of Season 4 will pick up. The wait for the next episode will not be an easy one.

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