[Cosplay] Jessica LG as Black Widow (White Widow variant)

jessica-lg-white widow-cosplay-1
Jessica LG as White Widow. Callie Cosplay as Mystique (photo: David Love Photography / via Jessica LG Facebook page)

Every now and then I see cosplay that reminds me of something I’ve forgotten about or haven’t thought of in a while and makes me think, “Why, of course! A great idea! Why haven’t more people done this?”

One cosplayer who’s done this for me recently is Jessica L. Gonzales and her rendition of Black Widow’s “White Widow” outfit. For those who don’t remember, the White Widow costume appeared on a variant cover for Marvel’s Black Widow: Deadly Origin #2 released back in 2009.

(Marvel Comics)

To my knowledge, Black Widow has never actually worn the white outfit in the pages of any comic, but the variant cover by one of my favorite cover artists, Adi Granov, looked so good that it’s a wonder, in retrospect, why more cosplayers haven’t done it. But I suspect that now that Jessica (who also appeared in my Best Cosplay of 2013 post) has put out her version, we’ll soon be seeing other ones.

Anyway, scroll down and enjoy what is the first really good cosplay work that I’ve seen in 2014, and if you like what you see, go and support these artists by visiting their Facebook pages and “liking” them.

Cosplay: Jessica LG

Photo:  David Love Photography

Black Widow accessories: LoganProps.com

Guest cosplay: Callie Cosplay

Mystique makeup: Elia Lizcano – MUA

Black Widow: Deadly Origins cover artist: Adi Granov

jessica-lg-white widow-cosplay-4
(photo: David Love Photography)
jessica-lg-white widow-cosplay-3
(photo: David Love Photography)
jessica-lg-white widow-cosplay-2
No, she didn’t get the pose on the cover wrong. She’s just left-handed. (photo: David Love Photography)

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  1. I love Jessica LG! And she’s really sweet too!

  2. She does seem quite nice, yes. You’ve met her?

  3. No, just had a bit of a chat with her via Facebook. If I did meet her, I’d be bragging about it. 😛

  4. Cool! I’d say an FB chat is good enough for bragging rights 🙂

  5. i want to talk jessica in facebook please give me link

  6. i want to talk jessica in facebook please give me link

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