Cute new advert has kids playing the roles in ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’


Here’s an amusing new advert for Chevrolet in which the actors in the trailer for Captain America: Winter Soldier  are replaced with kids.

I remember how easily, as kids, my friends and I would be able to imaginatively immerse ourselves in our favorite fictitious worlds like the kids do in this ad.

But it wasn’t (and isn’t) just all fun and games going on. I believe that when kids play like this, as with dreams while asleep, what they are doing on a subconscious level is using the symbols and visions to process and metabolize the real-life stimuli, some of it unpleasant, that bombards them on a daily basis. By giving simple form to the complex dynamics of the real-world which they cannot understand (“the good guys vs. the bad guys”), they are recasting the world in a way that they can make sense of.

Go, kids.

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