‘Daredevil Vol. 1’ has everything fans could hope for from the Man Without Fear

(Marvel Entertainment)

Mark Waid continues his award-winning run on the series with a newly relaunched Daredevil that means a lot more for the series than slapping a #1 on the front cover and putting up a recap of Daredevil’s origin story, though those things do happen.

The first volume collects issues #1 through #5, along with issues 1.5 and 0.1, both of which were better than I thought they’d be, and one of which was actually really awesome. The 0.1 issue is one I’d previously skipped but ends up being a really solid one-shot that has great art and an interesting storyline.

Chris Samnee continues to put down really compelling artwork and touch on some of the key visual elements that blew Daredevil readers’ minds back in the earlier run. (Marvel Entertainment)

Waid moves Daredevil out to San Francisco, to a city that is basically completely strange to him and that he’s still just trying to find his footing in, which makes for some really great storytelling throughout the volume. The Man Without Fear is out of his element and his enhanced senses actually work against him when he can’t use them to catch his bearing and do what he does best.

Chris Samnee continues his work on the series and continues to do an amazing job, especially coupled with Javier Rodriguez and his colors. Seeing life through Murdoch’s eyes at certain key moments is always interesting and the 1.5 issue even goes so far as to explore his future and some possibilities like what were to happen if he had a child or what new villains might rear their ugly head by the time Daredevil turns 50, and there’s even more packed into the issue.

The first volume never lets up and is chalk-full of great art to match Waid’s prose. (Marvel Entertainment)

The first taste of Waid’s new run has everything a Daredevil fan could hope for. Any newcomers to the series should not have any trouble diving in, but they would be rewarded for first going through Waid’s wonderful run that began in 2011. The final issues of it deal offer an explanation for Daredevil’s move, the death of his long-term partner, Foggie Wilson, that the new series does not go into in proper depth for anyone new to the run and wondering what the emotional stakes are there.

A new city with a new cast of characters, including both allies and villains, and a new stage in the blind attorney’s life that feels fresh and exciting. The first volume is a must-buy for any fan and a great entry point for anyone who is even a little curious about the title.

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