Starfire’s hair is both the best and worst part of DC Collectibles’ new 52 action figure | review

(DC Collectibles / photo: jman)

Ahhh…Starfire.  How many mid 1980’s, prepubescent fantasies has she fueled?

Wow.  That came off a bit more personal then I had intended.  It’s probably best for your friendly neighborhood jman to digress at this point.

Much like the rest of her DC Universe counterparts, Starfire received a questionable make over with DC’s New 52.  Some have said a dumbing down of the character.  Others have pointed out her over-objectification, especially when compared to her pre-teen self in Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans (and Teen Titans Go!).  Whether truth or no, I’m not here to weigh in on the character’s controversy.  Rather, I’m here to show my appreciation of DC Collectible’s new Teen Titans Starfire figure.

(DC Collectibles / photo: jman)

Unfortunately, the coolest part of the figure is also its downfall:  her trademark hair.  Her hair is really well done, going from solid plastic to a translucent plastic.  But it’s heavy and awkward.  And makes her nearly impossible to pose without some additional support.

Of all the figures that DC Collectibles has produced over the years, Starfire definitely is in need of a base.  A two peg base, at that, because a one foot peg isn’t strong enough to support the figure.  Either that or her hair needs a kickstand (if you will).

I was in a bit of a pinch when taking the pictures of the figure.  So, I used one of the twist ties that secured her in the package to prop up her hair, and thereby prop her up as well.  I gotta admit, it worked out pretty well, and I’m fairly impressed with myself for coming up with the idea at all.

Her perplexingly annoying hair aside, Starfire is a very well done figure.  The articulation is what you’ve come to expect from DC Collectibles. Keep in mind, her head doesn’t move that much, what with all that hair (am I talking about her hair too much?).  But arms move, elbows bend, hands rotate (still one of my favorite features), etc.  Her shoulder pad armor is even hinged, so that can move with her shoulders!

As for the sculpt itself?  Well, as you can see…all the qualities that make Starfire, well, Starfire are present and accounted for.  Probably best to leave that one as it is.

So…what’s the final verdict?  Yea. Her trademark hair is equal parts cool and annoying.  And the lack of hair kickstand/base is even more of an annoyance.  Still, you’d be silly not to pick this one up.

And if you end up using my twist tie idea to support Starfire’s hair, you owe me a quarter.

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