‘DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe’ is a fun crossover of two beloved franchises | review

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Back in 2012, DC Comics picked up the license for Masters of the Universe (from Dark Horse Comics) and began publishing what was then a weekly digital book.  Shortly thereafter, DC branched the property out further, publishing a 6 issue print mini-series entitled, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (which later became Volume 1 of the same title).

In August of 2013, directly following the events of Vol. 1, DC Comics then released unto the comic world, DC Universe vs  Masters of the Universe.  Initially a 6 issue mini-series, the books have since  been collected into trade paperback format and available at most of your finer retail establishments.

For your friendly neighborhood jman, The Masters of the Universe was a little bit after my time.  Back in 1983, when He-Man first debuted, I was already on my way to being a surly, cheese eating teenager (whom I still have hidden away in me).  I certainly had no time for characters like “Man-at-Arms”, places like Eternia and little brothers walking around crying, “By the power of Greyskull!” as mine did.

So annoying.

(DC Comics)

However, after picking up the license, DC re-tweaked the Masters of the Universe a bit.  For the better, I might add.  He-man isn’t so…well, unclothed.  Teela, Prince Adam’s main squeeze, seems far more aggressive then I can recall.  And the rest of the cast definitely feels like they might have been hanging out with Thor in Asgard for a few years.

Written by journeymen artist Keith Giffen and illustrated by Dexter Soy, DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe finds Skeletor sent to earth.  His mission?  Suck the planet dry of its mystical powers.  With the help of Black Alice, Skeletor takes step one toward that end and manages to hijack the Justice League.

Meanwhile, back on Eternia, He-Man and his crew happen upon a trapped Evil–Lyn. Using their combined powers, they whisk themselves off to Earth to once again try and dispatch Skeletor from this earthly plane.

Lo and behold, who just happens to be around when He-Man and friends arrive on Earth?  But, John Constantine!   And who does Constantine just happen to be helping when they arrive on Earth…yes!  You guessed it!  He-Man’s mother.

That, my friends, is a coincidence!

(DC Comics)

As you probably expect, there’s a huge brawl between the Justice League (that’s all the various incarnations of the Justice League currently running through the New 52) and He-Man’s crew (hence the title, DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe).  Once the dust settles, and the misunderstandings are cleared up, the focus is turned to the real problem at hand.


But, as that turns out, Skeletor is just a pawn in someone else’s plan!  I could tell you who, but… that’d be spoiling it now, wouldn’t it?

Overall, DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe isn’t a bad tale.  The update to the Masters characters is certainly welcomed. Dexter Soy’s art has a kind of anime feel to it, which is a bit of a change for the Motu characters.  If you’ve been reading DC’s Masters of the Universe comics, or are a fan of them in general, then there’s no real reason for you not to pick up this book.

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