Be a Superman and donate a copy of ‘Superman’ #39 to kids with cancer

From ‘Superman’ #38 (DC Comics)

So we kind of accidentally started something, and since it’s been happening anyway we thought we should get behind it and give it a little extra push.

Back in January of this year, our senior comic reviewer, Captain John K. Kirk, wrote a review of Superman #39 written by Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi and drawn by Barry Kitson (with a beautiful cover by Chris Burnham).

The issue was titled “Goodnight Moon” and, in their own glowing review, amusingly called it the issue “where Batman smiles.” Our guy Cap chose it as his Pick of the Week and confessed to writing his review of it with tears in his eyes. He’s the father of a childhood cancer survivor, you see, so the issue was painfully personal for him. But it was also moving and uplifting as the story involves the Man of Steel taking some childhood cancer patients on a very special field trip.

(DC Comics)

John lives in Toronto, Canada, and shortly after his review was posted on our site and shared across social media, Childhood Cancer Canada (CCC) started receiving donations of copies of Superman #39 from comic stores and individual comic fans. John is active in the childhood cancer awareness community, and is familiar with various leading figures from cancer organizations, so he used this momentum to introduce one of the program managers of CCC to Dan Didio, co-publisher of DC Comics.

Childhood Cancer Canada continues to receive donations of Superman #39 and is mailing copies of it to kids with cancer to brighten their day, just like Superman himself brightens the days of the children portrayed in this issue.

As founder and editor of this humble blog, I am proud that my guy John could have been the catalyst for something like this, and I’m proud that Pop Mythology is the place where John chooses to publish his insightful comic reviews. My dreams for this blog from its very beginnings was that it could be about more than just reviewing pop culture in the usual way. My hope was that it could become an influential platform in what is increasingly becoming a growing movement to weld pop culture and geek fandom with real-world issues that affect us all. Plus, I too am someone whose life has been dramatically affected by cancer, and I wrote an article about superheroes who have battled cancer as a way to cope with the turmoil I was going through after learning that my dear mom, whom I love more than anyone in the universe, and who has sacrificed so much in my own battle with a different illness, had been diagnosed with cancer.

But I digress…

The point of this post is not to bemoan my ongoing personal struggles but to celebrate the ways in which a Pop Mythology writer (that would be our Captain John K. Kirk!) has done good, and the way that this blog, as small and humble as it is, has been the platform for that good.

From ‘Superman’ #38 (DC Comics)

For all you fans of Superman and of comics in general who are seeing this, if like John and myself you are sworn enemies of cancer, and you have a few dollars you can spare, and you’d like to brighten the day of a kid with cancer (I mean, who wouldn’t?), buy a copy of Superman #39 and send it to Childhood Cancer Canada.


Just mail it to them. They’ll know what to do with it.

Childhood Cancer Canada
21 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 801
Toronto, ON M4T 1L9

But you live in the U.S. and mailing to Canada is expensive, you say? Oh, c’mon, what’s a little extra shipping to brighten up a kid’s day? 🙂  Or call up one of Toronto’s fine comic book shops and see if they’d be willing to mail a copy to CCC on your behalf if you pay them through PayPal or something.

If you have questions, try reaching out to them by email. Write to Natasha Bowes, National Program Manager, at or tweet them on Twitter. Their handle is @ChldhdCancerCan.

Share this article and let’s get those copies of Superman #39 flying like a bunch of mini Supermans making their way in the air towards Childhood Cancer Canada’s HQ! If you tweet about it and tag us (@PopMythology), we’ll retweet it!

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