Every Day is Exactly the Same in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Trailer

Mash up Groundhog Day with Starship Troopersthrow in some Philip K. Dickian existentialism and then garnish with some Bourne-ish car chases and an exoskeleton handed down from Elysium and you’ve got Edge of Tomorrow, the new sci-fi action film from Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Jumper) based on the Japanese novel  All You Need is Kill (which is such a Japanese sci-fi title).

Thoughts on the trailer? Action and FX-wise, it looks pretty spectacular. And Tom Cruise does have a pretty good track record with sci-fi flicks (Minority Report, War of the Worlds, Vanilla Sky, Oblivion), so we’re cautiously optimistic on this one.

(All together now!) All you need is kill, kill, kill is all you need. 




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  1. Jess Kroll
    Semi Automatic PEZ

    I got a heavy Source Code vibe from this as well. Looks pretty darn good though. Love me some action sci-fi with philosophical mumbo-jumbo.

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