The Mother of Dragons to Be the Mother of John Connor

(via: official Emilia Clarke Facebook page)

Take a good look at this face. It’s the face of the new mother of humanity’s savior.

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has been officially confirmed to play Sarah Connor in the planned Terminator reboot and we, for one, are thrilled about it.

Clarke will be working again with director Alan Taylor who has directed Clarke in numerous episodes of GoT. (In another interesting coincidence, Clarke’s GoT co-star Lena Headey played the same character in the TV series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles).

According to Deadline, the pursuit of the Sarah Connor role came down to a close match between Clarke and actress Brie Larson.

Personally, considering what a badass Sarah Connor is supposed to be, we think Clarke probably had it in the bag as soon as the casting directors saw this:


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  1. I think hollywood needs to stop rebooting and start writing new material

  2. Terminator? Robocop? I mean come on, how are they going to improve two movies that were totally awesome to begin with. Its just money grubbing and laziness.

  3. Laziness indeed. Hollywood’s given up on originality.

  4. Too true, I wait for netflix personally, if I had paid 11 bucks to see the new Red Dawn I would have been piiiiiiiiissed.

  5. Haha, I haven’t seen that yet. I was actually quite the fan of the original when I was a kid and had the whole movie memorized. I wonder how i’d feel of i saw it now. I do like John Milius’ other movies. An interesting writer/director, that one.

  6. The original is a good movie. The reboot is a jingoistic muddle with a terrible script and crap acting.

  7. She’s too petite to be Sarah Connor.

    Personally the Terminator story I’ve always wanted to see is the actual war. All the movies and TV shows have taken place before the war and in over twenty years there’s been no forward progress of the story. Even Salvation focused on how John Connor became the head of the resistance, which is what we’re told will happen in the beginning of the first movie. How about an old John Connor pushing a final, reckless assault so that he can see victory in his lifetime instead of constant struggle? Or a desperate defense as the machines push into an undeveloped country which was previously unaware of the the war? Or even a post-war accord with both sides trying to exist in the aftermath?

    There have been 3 sequels and a TV series and they’ve been re-tellings of each other (c’mon T2 was basically a remake of T1) and ended before reaching the base situation. A reboot makes no sense when the entire story is left untold.

  8. This is just guaranteeing snake oil sales because of fancy ingredients. It lines pockets of studio execs for a bare minimum of effort by purchasing rights, lowering writing standards or needs for any writing, and takes top dollars from movie goers, again, and again, to see that which has already been seen.

    Nobody else could play Norman Bates, so Van Sant’s remake of a Hitchcock (a supremely bad idea to start with) was a skin breaking belly flop.

    No one else but Schwarzenegger can play the Terminator, and at this point he’d only be a cheap novelty doing so.

    If you like versioning, I suggest listening to King Tubby. Lots going on there.

  9. I like the notion of Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor. But I am feeling as ambivalent about a Terminator remake as I am about the Total Recall and Robocop reboots.

    • Yeah, the originals of all three films were already masterpieces so it’s a tough thing to reboot them in a way that adds anything new or valuable. I’m pretty excited about the new RoboCop movie, though. 🙂

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