Geeky Pleasures brings ‘girl power’ to a stylish accessory

Geeky Pleasures Shop Girl Power Wristlet Outside
The outside of the Girl Power Wristlet, front (left) and back (right). (image: Jessica Gibson)

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article reporting the launch of the new Geeky Pleasures Shop. Since then, I’ve ordered my own geeky accessory, the Girl Power Wristlet. Measuring at about 8.7 in x 4 in. (21.75 cm x 10 cm), this wristlet is well-designed, well-made, and covered in superhero icons anyone would be proud to tote around town.

The wristlet design is simple, with two slots for credit cards or IDs, and two slots for money or paper or whatever else you can fit inside. The outside of the wristlet is covered in bright fabric featuring comic panels, onomatopoeia, graphic patterns, and some kickass DC female superheroes. The inside is a stiff, red interfacing that compliments the outside design and helps keep the form of the wristlet. Cards, paper, and money stay in place even when swinging the wristlet around, but change can make its way to other slots if you aren’t careful (something that can be fixed with the matching coin purse).

Geeky Pleasures Shop Girl Power Wristlet Inside
This inside of the Girl Power Wristlet. Unfortunately, it does not come with the money and credit cards shown on the right. (image: Jessica Gibson)

This item is well-made, all the seams straight and the wrist strap securely attached. It is, however, a cloth accessory, so you’ll want to be aware of the weather before you take it outside. The only downside I found in this wristlet is the button that holds it together in the front. The large button looks good with the comic fabric, but it is held on with a slip stitch and secured to the top flap by an elastic band. Over time, the elastic may stretch out and the slip stitch will probably need reinforced or restitched entirely. This is a simple fix should the need ever arise, and so shouldn’t be a major deterrent when deciding to purchase one yourself.

I’m quite happy with my wristlet, and can’t wait for the opportunity to take it out. If you want one of your own, or another geeky accessory to add to your collection, head over to the Geeky Pleasures Shop and browse their collection.

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