New ‘Geek Bands’ album compiles the best of…you guessed it, geek bands


We Americans like to fancy we’re the best at everything, but when it comes to geek solidarity our northern neighbors have us beat. While we’re still arguing among ourselves about whether Ben Affleck will make a good Batman, talented geeks across Canada are banding together and making awesome music, not about the usual yawn-inducing subjects like love found and lost but about Death Star trench runs, sex with elves, and the funky stench of comic cons packed with unwashed nerds whose cosplay outfits are in dire need of some dry cleaning.

In their clandestine plans to take over the world, these geek bands have united together to form one big geek band website, Spearheaded by the band Debs & Errol (whom we’ve often written about here on this site), is a smorgasbord of geeky goodness that makes it quite clear Canada’s Got Talent. And to celebrate their launch, these bands have put out a new compilation album entitled Geek Bands: Sampler of Awesome and they have gifted Pop Mythology with some FREE download codes to give away to our readers!

Make no mistake, this isn’t just some haphazardly thrown together playlist. It’s an actual album that’s being offered for sale and represents some of the best of what these bands have to offer: The Blast Processors rocking some Judas Priest/Iron Maiden-style 80s metal; Copy Red Leader‘s bluesy jazz number about the bummer that is life on Tattooine;  Kari Maaren‘s folksy ballad confirming just what arrogant, obnoxious jerks elves are; and Nerds With Guitars crooning about how the Cylons, Sith and Borg are really just misunderstood (with a nice little homage to Nine Inch Nails-auteur Trent Reznor who, for those who didn’t know, is actually quite the geek himself). The belly laughs you’ll get out of Kraken Not Stirred‘s obviously true story “The Confunk” is alone worth the price of admission (or, in this case, the side quest I’m about to give you in return for a free copy).  

Geek Bands is not only an impressive display of eclectic musicianship, it’s a celebration of that exuberant love for all things pop culture that unites us geeks regardless of locale or nationality.

To get your free download code, here’s all you have to do:

• Either share the link for this page on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter. Use the hashtags #GeekBands and #GeekMusic.

• Scroll down to the bottom of this page and type this comment in the Facebook or WordPress comment window: “I love #GeekBands!”

And that’s it! We’ll see your comment and message you your download code. Easy as pie! But we have a limited number of codes so it’ll be first come, first served while supplies last (that’s gotta be the first time I’ve ever said that).

**May 10 update: Thanks to your enthusiastic response we are now out of download codes! Well, it was fun while it lasted. We’ll always have Paris.

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