Go on a journey of fear in the grim and claustrophobic ‘Void’

void cover herik hanna sean phillips
Titan Comics

Deep in the recesses of space floats the powerless Goliath 01, an interstellar prison ship. Everyone on board is dead, save two men. Void tells the story of John, the sole survivor of a massacre performed by Colonel Mercer, the man charged with the safety of all aboard his ship.

Writer Herik Hanna, known for titles like Bad Ass and Operation: Broken Wings, 1936, throws you into a story that is both horrific and gripping as John explains the brutality that has recently occurred. The tension increases as you watch John struggle to stave off hunger-induced hallucinations in order to find a way to escape a ship in the middle of space and to evade the notice of the homicidal Mercer.

The twists and turns of the plot are a bit predictable if you are a fan of the horror genre, but Hanna presents his tale in such a way that your anxiety for John grows even as you wait to see if your predictions will come true.

void herik hanna sean phillips
Titan Comics

 The art is done by Sean Phillips (@seanpphillips), who has previously worked on Fatale, Criminal, and Marvel Zombies. Aboard the Goliath 01, Phillips creates a detailed environment for John to roam.

The liberal use of shadows adds to the grim atmosphere inside of the ship, emphasizing the idea that to be inside is to be trapped. This creates a stark contrast to the unnatural brightness of space, which is a beautiful array of endless stars and freedom.

These ideas are enhanced by the colors. Void paints the Goliath 01 as a muted world of greens and blues, often with John and his hallucinations being the only points of warm or bright color. This forces your attention on even the smallest hint of difference from the comic’s drab reality and calls its validity into question.

void herik hanna sean phillips space
Titan Comics

Void is a dark tale of madness and fear, something that is only enhanced by its art. There is a sense of dread in the pages that never really leaves you as you watch John struggle through the remains of the ship and through trying to hold on to his sanity. Now that it’s available in English, this is one stunning comic that fans of the science fiction and horror genres won’t want to miss.

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