Grudge Punk – Review

grudge punk
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Grudge Punk by John McNee is a highly-satisfying collection of interrelated short stories.

In the Grudge, people are machines and the city is alive. These stories are filled with squid-men and sentient sewers, but they also deal with human issues like unattainable beauty, political corruption, labor relations and religious faith.

This genre-defying collection evokes Raymond Carver, H.P. Lovecraft, Philip K. Dick and Geoffrey Chaucer. McNee has developed a rich and fascinating world without losing sight of the human (or whatever they are) stories at the heart of this collection. [subscribe2]

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Matt Hlinak
Matt Hlinak is an administrator at Dominican University, just outside of Chicago. He teaches courses in English and legal studies. His short stories have appeared in 'Sudden Flash Youth' (Persea Books 2011) and several literary magazines. 'DoG' (2012) is his debut novel.

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