Despite her greasy face, Hasbro’s Captain Marvel shines

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The first wave of Hasbro’s 2015 Marvel Legends Infinite Series line is slowly hitting stores. And part of the new wave (under their “Maidens of Might” tagline) is Carol Danvers herself… Captain Marvel!

2015 sees Legends’ collector friendly packaging continuing, which is a definite plus for this line. There’s something to be said about being able to pack up your figures, in their original packaging, if you ever need/want too. I wish more companies would follow Hasbro’s suit.

Carol’s is articulated as you’ve come to expect from the Legends line. Everything twists and turns accordingly, making her very poseable. She’s also got a nice face sculpt, especially her hair. It’s all dynamic and such, like she just landed from a kick-ass mission overseas.

What throws the figure off a bit is the paint. It’s too… shiny. It kinda looks like they put a layer of gloss all over her, especially her face. Talk about way too shiny. Carol looks like she might’ve spent the day working the fryers at her local McDonald’s. Her face it that greasy looking.

Captain Marvel is packed with an energy ball (that conveniently fits over her hand) and an alternate armored, mohawked head. First thing your friendly neighborhood jman did after snapping the pics of her unmasked face? Swap out the head. I much prefer the armored, mohawked, space-faring head. Not even considering her oily complexion. The armored, mohawked look was the reason to get this figure for me. It’s a great look, straight from the comics.

She’s part of the All-Father Odin/King Thor Build-a-Figure wave. Carol’s packed with the King Thor alternate head, sword and cape. I don’t have all the figures yet, so I’m not quite sure how Thor/Odin figure comes together, but the head sculpt is fairly cool.

The other problem with Captain Marvel, is the same problem it usually is with female figures: there’s just not enough of her. One Captain Marvel (and Scarlet Witch) per case just isn’t enough. Especially with how popular female figures are with customizers. So, I wish you the best of luck getting her at retail ($21.99). If you’re patient, you’ll eventually track one down. If not, there’s always eBay.

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