‘Heroes Reborn’ trailer leaves us feeling kinda ho-hum

The first season of Heroes  was full of fun and mystery, grounding superhero fantasy more in the “real world” by forgoing things like costumes and teams and more about regular people struggling to come to grips with extraordinary abilities. And then, with Season 2 and increasingly thereafter, it increasingly became as convoluted and nonsensical as the worst of comic book storylines.

That’s why we’re kinda ambivalent about the Heroes Reborn  trailer from Comic-Con. It looks okay and even reveals that a few characters from the original series will be returning (which was the big question for many fans when the new show was first announced). But instead of arousing fond memories, the sight of these characters triggered cringeworthy ones instead.

So will Heroes Reborn redeem the franchise name or cause an even bigger train wreck? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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