Sherlock song ‘Locked’ shows Debs & Errol aren’t locked into just one genre


Not exactly known for their Sturm und Drang, the fantabulously nerdy duo Debs & Errol explore their darker side in the new song “Locked,” based on the hit TV series Sherlock  starring everyone’s favorite photo-bomber.

Shamefully, I have yet to see a single episode of this show so while I have no idea what’s going on in the video or what the lyrics refer to, it doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of the piece. In fact, it’s kind of cool because since I don’t have a pop cultural point of reference, it just sounds like a regular, mainstream song. And a cool song it is, deliciously dark and gothic with Debs transitioning from Disney princess mode to sultry femme fatale, and Errol—with some help from fellow musician Carrie Traeder—flexing the gloomier songwriting skills he has shown himself to be capable of on tracks like  “Happy Emo Fun Sad Song”  (for a few moments on that song, anyway).

Anyway, while listening to this piece from a place of complete Sherlock  ignorance, two things came to mind.

First, an image: a black-and-white noir film, a smoky jazz bar, Debs in a cocktail dress on the mic, Errol at the piano in a white jacketed tux and black bow tie. Smoke everywhere.

Second, an idea: I think that this duo, versatile as they are, could try their hand at a goth or symphonic metal song, something along the lines of Theatre of Tragedy where they have the ethereal-voiced diva singing a duet with the guy doing the obligatory death metal growl. Yeah, seriously! The piano opening to “Locked” totally made me imagine the song suddenly segueing into a full-on metal attack.

Yes, I know I have an overactive imagination.

And Errol, start practicing your death metal growl.

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