Love Me – Review

love me danger slater
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Love Me by Danger Slater is philosophical, filthy and funny. The novel is about a god-like being’s existential quest for Answers to the Question. If you ever wondered would it would be like to pull the Big Bang’s pants down and crawl up its rectum, this is the book for you. I cracked a smile on every page and laughed out loud at least once per chapter. When Danger Slater commands you to love him, you’d better do it.


About Matt Hlinak

Matt Hlinak
Matt Hlinak is an administrator at Dominican University, just outside of Chicago. He teaches courses in English and legal studies. His short stories have appeared in 'Sudden Flash Youth' (Persea Books 2011) and several literary magazines. 'DoG' (2012) is his debut novel.

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