MAC Star Trek Cosmetics celebrates 50th anniversary in style

MAC Star Trek Cosmetics

If you’ve ever looked for neutral ground where Star Trek and the regular world can intersect, then look no further because MAC Cosmetics has shown us the way.

At SDCC 2016, I was really fortunate to find myself in a line-up outside a stylized mock-up of the USS Enterprise. Complete with red-shirted security officers, models playing the parts of every Trek fan’s favourite leading ladies and some really cool visual and sound effects – this was probably one of the most unique attractions to be found at San Diego. MAC Cosmetics got into the spirit of Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary by launching their newest – and in my humble opinion – coolest product line of make-up ever: the Mac Star Trek line.

MAC Star Trek Cosmetics
Attentive Red Shirted Security Officer (photo: John Kirk)

Of course, this amazing event wasn’t just restricted to SDCC but seeing as it’s the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek this September, it was also present at Star Trek Las Vegas last week as well.

MAC Cosmetics is a leading brand of make-up and even one as stylistically challenged and hopelessly unfashionable as me knows of their sterling reputation. In fact, one year I purchased a gift card at one of their outlets for my wife as a Christmas present and, apparently, I did a good thing.

So of course buying more was a great notion. Finding myself in the line with dozens of women intent on picking up some of these high-quality cosmetic products, I was sure that this would make another good gift idea for my wife who was good-natured enough to remain at home while I was busy entertaining myself at Comic-Con.

Follow my thinking here. I’m a devout Trekker but my wife is not. Life at home consists of a delicate balance of two spheres: geek and non-geek, and never the twain shall meet. It is difficult to find aspects of our lives that can intersect. So when the opportunity presented itself for a pretty cool Trek experience and a chance to earn some brownie points with my un-geeky spouse, then you better believe I’m going to jump at that chance.

Sure enough, the MAC staff agreed with this line of reasoning as well and I was treated to a full tour of the set, an introduction to the models and an explanation of how the exhibit worked.

In the queue, visitors are asked for their make-up of preference. Afterwards, they are taken to the Engineering room where cosmetologists apply their choice of make-up in a personal mini-make-over session. Afterwards, customers may purchase their products and interact with the models (who do excellent jobs of maintaining their characters) in the Ten-Forward section of the ship. Every twenty minutes or so, the Mac Star Trek models would put on a special performance that would entertain but also promote the products.

MAC Star Trek Cosmetics
The Mac Cosmetics Star Trek models (photo: John Kirk)

I was easily sold. After my own special interactions with the wonderful performers I wound up getting my own special package that included the eyeliner ‘Set for Stunning’ and a lip gloss labeled ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ – a perfect choice for my wife! The fact that the cosmetician asked for a picture of my wife to match the proper make-up with her complexion was a mark of professionalism that was hard to overlook and certainly appreciated.

Of course, the models were a major attraction. With incredible cosplay and a true-to-form character representation of Lt. Uhura, Counselor Deanna Troy, Seven of Nine and an Orion Slave Dancer, the thrill of getting a picture with any or all of these Trek beauties was just too much of a thrill to pass up! But while the thrill-factor was a draw, it was a beautiful sales pitch that saw me sold on a package for my wife.

MAC Star Trek Cosmetics

Which, of course, is the sheer genius of this promotion. Let’s face it, one does not normally connect Star Trek and make-up but MAC Cosmetics has come up with a truly brilliant promotion that not only sells their products in a unique way but also celebrates the Star Trek 50th Anniversary in a novel and bold exploration of pop cultural excitement who I’m sure we’ll see in New York at the Mission New York celebration as well.

It was fun and clearly apparent that people did not mind parting with their money to buy high-quality cosmetics and enjoy Trek culture. After all, as James T. Kirk would say: “Beauty survives,” and Captain Kirk knows his share of beauty.

I just wonder if this will mean more Star Trek cosplay at home? 😉

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Captain John K. Kirk
John Kirk is an English and History teacher and librarian in Toronto, Canada. In addition to the traditional curriculum, John tries to teach his students to make sense of geek culture. And with the name "J. Kirk," it's hard for him to not inject "Star Trek" into his lessons. Comics, RPGs and the usual fanboy gear make up his classroom resources.

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