Mark Millar wants to hire you as a writer/artist and pay you well

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So you want to be a comic book writer or artist? And be paid Marvel/DC rates? And play around with other people’s famous characters? And do you want to benefit a good cause in the process?

Well, you’re in luck because superstar writer Mark Millar wants to give you the opportunity to satisfy all four of the above conditions. Starting Monday, Sept. 28, to Nov. 30, Millar will be accepting writing and drawing submissions through his Millarworld website. The ultra-cool part of this submissions process is that you get to draw/write using Millar’s own beloved characters from such blockbuster titles like Kick-Ass, Starlight and Chrononauts! Once the deadline for the talent search passes, Millar will contact six artists and six writers by Dec. 23 and commission them to create new stories featuring the aforementioned characters. He’ll also be paying them Marvel and DC starter rates. These stories will then be published next year, and for every year thereafter, in the first Annual Millarworld New Talent Showcase.

Not only that, but the book will benefit the Hero Initiative, a program that supports comic creators in financial need.


It all sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? But why is Millar doing this? He answers this question on his site:

I’ve always been very precious about letting other people do my creations so this is quite unusual, but I really do believe that the only way we can thrive as an industry is if new talent gets a chance. Comics has [sic] been really good to me and I want to do what I can with my limited time to give budding creators a wee chance too if they’re maybe unsure where to start.

Wow, what a guy!

But I know, I know. Enough chatter, you want to get started! So where’s the info?

Click here for art submissions and here for writer submissions. You’re welcome.

And may the best writers and artists win!

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  1. The deadline for submissions is November 30 not October 30

  2. The deadline for submissions is November 30 not October 30

  3. The deadline for submissions is November 30 not October 30

  4. like he paid for the Clint submissions? haha

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