Watch Meri Amber’s lyric video for our Mega Man song, “Mega You”

The world has always needed a good Mega Man song (the 90s cartoon theme didn’t quite cut it, I’m afraid) and I humbly propose that Meri Amber has given it to us.

Those who followed my Kickstarter campaign from several months back may recognize the name Meri Amber. We’ve featured her many times on this blog.  She’s the brilliant geek pop maestro who co-wrote the theme song for Your Superhero Origin, the book that my Kickstarter was intended to fund. The song was called “Origins” and Meri made a cool lyric video for it on her YouTube channel (which you should definitely subscribe to, by the way).

“Origins” wasn’t my first collaboration with Meri. I was lucky enough to be able to collaborate with her in 2015 for FAWM (February Album Writing Month) on a song called “Mega You,” a self-empowerment anthem based on one of the best video game series of all time, Capcom’s Mega Man.

“Mega You” and a number of other songs I had co-written during FAWM–with a roster of other talented songwriters in addition to Meri–were collected into an album that I just released on Bandcamp under the banner of Pop Mythology. It might seem kind of weird to use the name of a blog to release an album but from its very beginnings my vision for Pop Mythology has always been that someday, no matter how far off that may be, it could become a multimedia entity with original video content, podcast, book publication and, yes, even albums. That vision might not ever fully become a reality but in the meantime here’s one small step in the right direction.

The binding themes for most of the songs on this album are, just like with this blog, myth and popular culture. A handful of songs even capture the quintessential Pop Mythology ethos of using pop culture as inspiration for surmounting adversity. “Mega You” would be a perfect example of this and so would “Pac-Man,” another song on the album. Just click on the album link below to see what other terrific musical artists besides Meri Amber are featured on it.

So while big corporate sites like Gawker get their traffic posting Hulk Hogan sex videos (and then go out of business for it), at Pop Mythology we focus on putting out much less sensational (but far cooler) stuff like this. Hope you enjoy!

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