The Mythies 2015: cast your votes for the best geek movies!

Just noticed no one in this collage of heroes is human except Hiro. And can you tell we like symmetry?

It’s that time of year again, the time when the film industry hands out awards for the best achievements in motion picture. With more awards being handed out this year than ever before we at Pop Mythology decided to add to that trend by continuing our own awards, The Mythies, started last year in 2014. We don’t hand out physical trophies, but we do highlight those geeky films which tend to get less attention from mainstream awards via quirky categories like the ones below.

This year we’ve decided to focus on diverse nominees involved in making the hero because there were  simply too many outstanding portrayals of the hero (and villain) to narrow it down to just a few. And rather than recycle the same old categories over and over, we’ve chosen to have our awards reflect the tenor of the year that was, including the ever-expanding definition of what superhero or geek movies can be and do.

For anyone interested please take a moment to vote on each of the categories using the multiple choice boxes below. Voting will continue for one week following posting on Feb. 6th. Winners of our readers’ poll as well as our own editorial picks will be announced on Feb. 20th.

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Jess Kroll
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