Nice Legs’ new video for ‘One’ gets much love on Korean music site

nice legs one video
(Roll the Dice Pictures)

So I need to post this in a rush as I’m in the middle of getting ready for a big move and feeling quite frazzled both mentally and physically. But there’s some cool news regarding one of my favorite bands and I can’t just not say anything about it.

To Nice Legs (whose work we’ve reviewed and covered here on this site), congratulations on getting 9000+ plays (as of this posting) on the new video for your song “One” on Naver Music, the music themed section of Korean web portal Naver (basically the Google of Korea).  The moral in this for other musicians and bands? I guess it would be to be open to different markets because you never know when/where your work will catch on.

I’m a wordy person and I feel like saying tons more ’cause I love these guys but, um, yeah, I gotta go so here’s just the video instead. Enjoy!

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