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  1. You could add my tumblr page under my listing if you wanna

  2. Ok, at the moment I’m not able to add Tumblr but I”m gonna try. The ones that I can are: FB, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram

  3. This is just so much fucking fun. Word.

  4. Jonathan, I suppose that’s one of the things I can offer at the moment that other sites don’t: fun.

  5. Daniel, this thing you’ve given all of us is a bono fide boon. So joy, much community, haz friendz I never met. Kudos to you DJK all day long.

  6. Haha. Whadfya know. I gots a Pinterest.

  7. Lee, did you want me to add it for you under your name?

  8. For personal use, that’s totally fine. If by chance you were thinking of using it to help with traffic, in my personal experience Pinterest has been one of the least helpful due to the nature of our site. Photo heavy sites tend to do best with Pinterest.

  9. Ground floor of something good, Daniel.

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