Celebrate ‘My Little Pony’ fandom at the 2017 Ponyville Ciderfest

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My Little Pony fans of all stripes are in for a royal treat as Pony Royalty – the voices of Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, Prince Shining Armor, and Princess Cadance – will be together on stage for the first time at the Fourth Annual Ponyville Ciderfest. This year’s fest takes place October 20-22 at the Hyatt Regency in Milwaukee. If you’re a Brony, a Pega-sister, or somewhere in-between, this family-friendly convention has something for fans of all ages, including a few 21-and-over events, such as the Thirsty Thursday Pub Trot.

This year’s lineup is the largest so far, featuring more guests than ever. Attending Ciderfest means fans get to experience a surprise or two, according to Charlie Worthley, Chair. In prior years, panelists have been treated to blind readings of comic books, or never-to-be-aired MLP scripts written – just for fun, and just for the con – by Tabitha St. Germain (voice of Princess Luna). When I spoke with Worthley, I tried to get him to reveal this year’s surprise.

“We do have Tabitha, so it’s safe to assume something similar will be happening,” he said.

Other highlights of the 2017 Ciderfest include:

Australian Plush Maker Nazegoreng will lead plush-making panels for newbie and advanced makers. She’s also donating some of her handiwork – plushies of the con’s mascots Barley Tender and Caramel Malt – to the Charity Auction, benefitting Generations Against Bullying, this year’s partner charity.

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(image: courtesy Ponyville Ciderfest)

Fire Team Harmony – Billing themselves as “the fandom’s premier group of genetically modified super soldiers,” this group of fans is known for their appearances in the “Bronies React” videos.

Content creators Saberspark, Acracebest, and Paleosteno. “You can’t have a pony convention without these guys,” Worthley told me. Find each one on YouTube, or catch them at the con during events like “Hooves Line is It Anyways?”

The Blackman Brony – A “personality and a half,”  he’s back to host “My Little Wheel of Fortune” on Saturday, with all new puzzles.

And true to My Little Pony, Friday night features the Grand Galloping Gala. Attendees are requested to wear proper attire, and may cosplay. Visit the schedule for more information.

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