Preview: An English translation of the first look at ‘Avengers: Electric Rain’


One of our previous posts mentioned that Marvel and the Korean web portal Daum has announced a partnership that would culminate in an exclusive Avengers webcomic set in Korea called Avengers: Electric Rain. It will be written and drawn by one of the most popular webcomic writer-illustrators at Daum, Yeong-Hoon Goh. Goh is well known for webcomics (or webtoons as they’re known in Korea) like Dokkaebi , Cant see, Cant hear, but Love, and his biggest hit to date, Trace. Goh also has a channel at Tapastic, an online webcomic host for English comics that is supported by Daum.

The new comic brings the Avengers to Korea, in an all-new story not only penned and illustrated by Goh, but also sees the introduction of an all-new Korean heroine named White Fox. A preview of the weekly webcomic, set to begin running on Oct. 10, 2014, was also recently released.

Given that we thought there’d be plenty of non-Korean reading Marvel geeks out there who’d be curious about this project, we’ve decided to do a quick English translation of the teaser. It is not yet known whether the webcomic will be made available in English officially, but since Daum is a supporter of Tapastic and since Goh is a user on it, it’s not an impossibility. In any case, here you go.

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