PREVIEW: ‘Little Victories,’ a graphic memoir about a dad and his autistic son

(Titan Comics/Statix Press)

Les Petites Victoires was a Canadian graphic memoir, originally published in French, by comics writer and artist Yvon Roy. It is about Roy’s real-life experiences following his son’s diagnosis of autism. Now Titan Comics, through its Statix Press imprint (which is dedicated to reprinting high-quality European comics in English), will be publishing the book in English for the first time as Little Victories: Autism Through a Father’s Eyes.

Described as being “sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious,” Little Victories details Roy’s efforts to help his son reach his full potential while also understanding and respecting his son for who he was. It is being marketed by Titan Comics/Statix Press as a warm, funny, and informative source of information about autism with a creative and personal touch and would be ideal for everyone including parents, educators, and general readers open to learning more about a frequently misunderstood condition.   

“When I created this book, I had in mind to share my experience, good and bad, so that everything I have learned can be useful to others,” said author Yvon Roy about Titan’s publication of this new English version. “I also wanted to make parents feel better, less alone, after a diagnosis. I am so happy to have this book now available in English. I hope it encourages people to share their experiences and have open discussions about autism.”

Little Victories has won numerous awards and has been praised in publications including the Huffington Post, in which critic Annabel Benhaiem wrote, “To dive into this comic book is to journey into the world of a child, which will interest all parents anxious to understand what their offspring is experiencing.”

Little Victories will be published by Statix Press on May 26, 2020 and is available now for pre-order



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