Shoot from the hip with the HipShotDot LED Gaming Sight

(AirDrop Gaming)

For some gamers, gaming is mostly about the story or about interacting with the characters. For others, it’s all about the competition, achievements and getting maximum kills.

If you’re in the latter group, the HipShotDot from AirDropGaming is the latest tool you’re gonna want to consider adding to your arsenal.

The HipShotDot is a USB accessory that adds a glowing red “laser sight” onto the on-screen crosshairs that most first-person shooters ¬†utilize. As anyone who’s played an FPS knows, when the action gets fast and hectic it can be very hard to keep the tiny crosshairs in sight, thus reducing your accuracy.

The HipShotDot promises to markedly improve gamers’ accuracy without obscuring anything else going on in the screen. And at just $30 it looks like a geeky gizmo worth looking into for both serious FPS gamers and novices looking for ways to even out the playing field a bit.


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