‘Silver Surfer Vol. 1’ offers a fresh, light-hearted take on the tormented character

(Marvel Comics)

The Silver Surfer is finally back at the head of his own series with a creative team that gives fans an entirely new take on the character and title. Dan Slott’s take on the Silver Surfer strays away from previous versions; this new Surfer is pretty emotive and even has a dry wit that is genuinely funny almost the entire time next to the other star of the book and the Surfer’s travelling companion, Dawn Greenwood.

While the deeper connection between the duo is left to future issues, the first volume puts the two together and the humor begins early and never lets up, making it a very strong, if surprising, style that I didn’t see coming – Surfer books are not normally known for the humor.

The writing is sharp, witty and almost always hits the mark. (Marvel Entertainment)

Mike Allred’s artwork was off-putting at first, and I had a semi-violent reaction to it alongside the humor and overall light-heartedness the series exudes. It’s going to be the single biggest hurdle any fan of Silver Surfer books in particular, or Marvel’s cosmic books in general, are going to have to get past if they’re going to enjoy what the duo have to offer.

Allred’s time on the FF  book was seemingly well served as this new Silver Surfer book is gorgeous and the layout, panels, and texturing Allred uses blew away my mind (as well as that initial negative reaction I mentioned earlier).

The retro-style artwork suits the Surfer quite well and Laura Allred’s coloring just absolutely kills it. The Lichenstein-esque comic dots, in addition to far more creative uses of other, more elaborate textures throughout the book, make it a joy just to look at.

The Allreds’ artwork and colors end up making the series rather than taking away from it. (Marvel Entertainment)
The Allreds’ artwork and colors end up making the series rather than taking away from it. (Marvel Entertainment)

I can safely say that Slott and Allred have made a believer out of me personally, but I can also say that fans of the old Kirby cosmic books and, well, pretty much any Marvel cosmic stuff, are going to need to give themselves some time to readjust their expectations and to decide if what they want from a Surfer book is the light-hearted, humorous take on the series or not.

The creativity is there and the art more than backs it up. This old school, whimsical, gorgeous first volume is a great way to dip your toes in. Just be sure to linger for a while before making your mind up as it can take an issue or two to acclimatize.

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