[Video] Spider-Man Takes on Both Batman and Robin in Real MMA Fight


Here’s a real (nerdy) MMA fight with a very lanky Batman and Robin double teaming on Spider-Man.

Is this supposed to be serious? Hm, not from the sounds of the commentators who seem to be having a jolly good time of it, but Batman and Robin do seem to be in serious pain from the punishment Spidey dishes out on them.

Lesson to the Dynamic Duo: don’t try to take on a super-powered human spider in a fair fight (well, it’s already not a fair fight!)

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Neil Morrison
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  1. No, you don’t suck, Sy! It’s impossible to know everything everyone has posted – it happens. I’ve reposted on accident too. Sometimes same story, different link. Sometimes same link period! The best you can do is scroll down a bit and see if there are other posts of it. On an active Facebook group like Promenade I personally can”t scroll down more than a couple days’ worth.

  2. Awww I reposted this. Diff link same story. I suck.

  3. Stop dressing stupid people with Batman costume.

  4. There should be a law against it!!

  5. My Batman fandom has grown very strong recently. So, I cannot stand to see The Bat symbol on those people.

  6. 🙂 I would like to join Green Lantern Corps but I guess I am unworthy for a ring. Dark Knight Corps seems like fun. When will the drill camp begin? 🙂

  7. Ok wow that was stupid I mean wow. I mean I like the Ufc but this was just unnecessary.

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