Stephen King Joins Twitter but Is at a Loss for Tweets


We have been lax. Something momentous occurred a week and a half ago and we weren’t aware until now.

Stephen King has started Twitter. All rise.

Finally, the scriber of epic tomes has joined the community of ADD-riddled chirpers. What was his first tweet?

And thus spoke Zarathustra. Then, hours later that day:

And days later, to fellow author Margaret Atwood:


For anyone who has read any number of King’s novels, especially the later ones, you know that if there’s anything that the King does not suffer from it’s a loss for words. Could it be that the enforced need to be terse has our treasured tale-weaver twiddling his tweeting thumbs?

In any event, here’s something quite amusing: one of the bestselling authors of all time, for whom millions upon millions of readers hang upon every word, only has just over 200K followers so far (big quotation marks around “only”). It’s clear this is because his legions of fan on Twitter have not realized that his presence is among them yet.

Now taking bets to see how fast his number of followers reaches the 1 million mark. Okay, back to creeping.



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