Stephen King tweets ‘Game of Thrones’ spoiler and invokes the wrath of Twitter (again!)


Poor Stephen King.

He’s an awesome author, one of my all-time sentimental favorites, and based on everything I’ve read about him, a very good human being.

But he can’t seem to figure out how Twitter works yet nor the often brutal consequences of committing a social media faux pas.

His latest oopsie?

Tweeting a massive Game of Thrones  spoiler right after the latest episode finished airing on the east coast, which of course meant that it hadn’t yet aired on the west coast, not to mention people who aren’t able to watch episodes as they air or intentionally wait to binge watch the entire season later (which is what I had been planning on doing but so much for that!).

[Warning: if you don’t want to know what the spoiler was, stop reading here.]

I haven’t embedded the tweet here as there are those who probably wouldn’t appreciate the spoiler being delivered second-hand, but if you’re interested or are completely up to date, you can see his tweet here.

You can imagine the kind of reactions this provoked. I won’t embed the vicious or genuinely pissed off tweets, but here’s a sample of the more affectionately annoyed or amusing ones:

reaction-stephen-king-game-of-thrones-spoiler reaction-stephen-king-game-of-thrones-spoiler-3 reaction-stephen-king-game-of-thrones-spoiler-3

And to the angry tweets, King tweeted this response:


True enough, but it further shows that Stevie still doesn’t quite get Twitter nor the unspoken code on social media when it comes to spoilers.

It isn’t his first stumble in just the few short months he’s tried using Twitter.

Back in early February for instance, shortly after he had just begun using Twitter (and proclaiming his own adorable cluelessness as to how the thing worked), he got skewered for a tweet in which he referred to the Mia/Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen affair  as a bunch of “palpable bitchery.” By “bitchery,” he was referring to the whole media fiasco itself but a lot of people thought he was referring to either Mia or Dylan Farrow and reacted with indignation and anger.

King’s Game of Thrones  tweet was a spoiler for me as well, but while it was a little annoying I figured it was my own fault. Wanting to save up the entire season for binge watching is innocent enough, but nowadays you can’t be an entertainment blogger with an active social media presence and not expect to constantly come across spoilers. The only way really is to just stay on top of those shows that you like or, if you can’t, to stay away from social media.

Besides. Stephen King practically raised me. I can’t possibly get mad at him.

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