PopMythology.com Needs Your Help This Holiday Season


2013 was a big year for us. It was, in fact, the first year for us. But during our first year we worked our hineys off, grew exponentially and hit numerous milestones. Thank you for spending your time with us. We promise we’ll keep trying our best to bring you fun, engaging and informative content.

But we need help.

You see, it takes a lot of resources to run a quality website, resources that big entertainment websites like IGN, EW and AV Club have in abundance but that small, indie guys like us are constantly scrounging for. And although we’ve grown so much this year, we’ve still got a long way to go to become a sustainable operation.

If you’re willing to help us realize our dream of becoming a better, self-sustaining website, there are some very quick and easy things you can do to help, and none of them cost you a thing other than a moment of your time and a few clicks of your finger. You can do one, a few or all of them as it suits you.

Subscribe. It’s free, the only info we ask for is your e-mail address and you only get a once-a-week update with links to new articles. It’s non-intrusive, we don’t clutter your inbox and we’ll never ever give out your information.

• If you ever shop on Amazon.com, by using our embedded Amazon store on the site, you’ll be helping us with virtually no effort on your part. Simply click on the category of the item you need (books, electronics, clothing, food, etc.) and type in a keyword in the search box. You’ll get the exact same, complete Amazon inventory, prices and customer service, only 4% of your purchase will come to us as commission for sending Amazon the traffic. It isn’t much but every little bit counts and goes directly into the maintenance costs of this site.

• If we review a product that interests you, and you’re planning on buying it anyway, please purchase it using the “buy” buttons or links in the article.

• “Likeour Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and/or add us on Google+.

• Click “like” on individual articles and posts that you do like. Or better yet, tweet/retweet them on Twitter or share them on FacebookGoogle+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and/or Pinterest. We make this easy for you by providing floating share buttons to the left of every post.

• Leave a comment under posts that engage or entertain you (short and long comments both welcome). We’ll always try to respond to genuine ones.

• A more direct way to help is to donate . If you’re looking for a worthwhile cause to give a little something to, we like to think of ourselves as a worthy cause. Not nearly as high and noble as organizations like Big Brothers/Sister of America, the Global Fund for Women, the American Human Association or many others but still worthy. You can pitch in here.

• Lastly, if you’re a writer, consider submitting content. If you’re an editor, help us edit content. If you’re something else but interested in donating a bit of your talent and time, just let us know.

The long-term goal and vision of PopMythology.com isn’t simply to entertain or even just to inform. It is to inspire, mentor, educate and empower using pop culture as the tool of engagement. Browse through our Pop Culture & Self-Growth and Pop Culture & Service sections for an idea of what we mean. The written content you see there is just the very beginning of what things we’d like to do if ever granted the resources.

Are we expecting or insisting that you do any of these things? Certainly not! Just by being here you’re already helping and we expect nothing more. The ideas offered above are just some optional ways you can do a bit more if you like.

Wishing you a warm holiday season,

-The PopMythology.com team



About The Pop Mythologist

The Pop Mythologist
The Pop Mythologist is the founder and editor of PopMythology.com. He has been a staff writer for the nationally distributed magazine KoreAm , the online journal of pop culture criticism Pop Matters and has written freelance for various other publications and websites.


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