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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 04/14/2021

Every once in a while, it’s reassuring to know that what’s important to you sometimes shows up in the media you enjoy reading. Simply put: the comics for the list this week definitely resonate with me for the things that I value in my life. Whether that’s family, principle, or …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 06/24/2020

You can’t plan everything in life, you know? I mean, you can set favourable conditions, work things towards your advantage, but life just has a way of surprising you. Sometimes for the worse, to be sure, and I think we’re all experiencing some of that now, but also, life just …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 07/24/2019

To review a story, you have to completely accept it. You have to throw yourself into the tale and if it’s good, you come out of it with a feeling of satisfaction. If you didn’t get that feeling after reading it, then there’s something wrong with it. That’s part of what makes …

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