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REVIEW: Come and be tangled in Leslie Hudson’s ‘The Redhead League’


‘The Redhead League’ is an eclectic and exhilaratingly addictive concept album of songs about red-haired female comic book heroes. Leslie Hudson brings these characters alive with passion, angst and a depth that you might not have thought possible for some of them, and in this she is aided by an A-team roster of guest musicians who add their considerable talents to the mix.

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Never say goodbye: the 12 best Debs & Errol songs


Yesterday one of my favorite bands, Debs & Errol, announced that they were going their separate ways. Needless to say, I am sad. Now, you have to understand why my love for this band is so fierce. Not only do I love their music, and not only did it help lift my spirits during a very difficult period, but I got to know the band members as people.

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Cat Power – Sun │Review


'Sun' is the product of a remarkable talent who has experienced much that life has to offer, for better and worse, and has come through the other side with an awareness of where she has been, a renewed sense of where she is and, perhaps more importantly, where she goes from here.

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Sigur Rós – Kveikur

sigur ros kveikur

While 'Kveikur' may be short on the moments of true, euphoric majesty found on earlier records, it is very much the sound of a band energized by recent upheaval and ready to enter their second decade with renewed urgency and impetus.

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