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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 04/14/2021

Every once in a while, it’s reassuring to know that what’s important to you sometimes shows up in the media you enjoy reading. Simply put: the comics for the list this week definitely resonate with me for the things that I value in my life. Whether that’s family, principle, or …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 09/23/2020

2020 should be known as “the year we fought the good fight”. Resilience is a commodity in great demand this year. Frontline workers, first responders, medical staff and now teachers have been called on to engage in light of the common good. Of course, this means exposing themselves to a …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 12/12/2018

“We … do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; …” That’s a truncation of President John F. Kennedy’s famous Rice Stadium speech exhorting the American public to support the Apollo space program. It’s one of my favourite speeches, not just because it talks …

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