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Never say goodbye: the 12 best Debs & Errol songs


Yesterday one of my favorite bands, Debs & Errol, announced that they were going their separate ways. Needless to say, I am sad. Now, you have to understand why my love for this band is so fierce. Not only do I love their music, and not only did it help lift my spirits during a very difficult period, but I got to know the band members as people.

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Interview: ‘Happy Seoul’ breathes new life into the Pharrell video phenomenon


Few songs have caused as much of an international pop culture sensation as Pharrell's 2013 hit single "Happy." But perhaps the most remarkable quality of the song is the way that it has spawned a trail of videos from different regions and cities around the world, creating a sense of the world being united by the infectious joy of dancing and clapping along to a single song.

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