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5 amazing hip-hop artists you’ve never heard (thanks to Lil Wayne)


I will not argue for the following artists. I don’t need to: they speak for themselves. But I defy any person who considers himself a hip-hop aficionado - or any fan of rhythm, music and lyrics - to listen to the albums mentioned here and say they don’t contain the same levels – if not more - of complexity, depth and creativity as any mainstream artist like Kanye West or Lil Wayne.

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10 Popular Artists Who Are Considered Jerks


The release of 'Ender’s Game' has placed author Orson Scott Card at the center of controversy, many choosing to boycott the film. But if a book, movie, song, painting, etc. is good, then it should not matter who made it. In this vein, I present ten artists who are widely considered to be unpleasant or reprehensible but whose works are critically praised.

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