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The 10 Best Albums of 2013


As 2013 draws to a close, and in the list-fueled spirit of the season, here is a brief run-down of my personal picks for 10 best albums from the last twelve months. Feel free to congratulate me upon the fine taste demonstrated in the following selections.

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5 amazing hip-hop artists you’ve never heard (thanks to Lil Wayne)


I will not argue for the following artists. I don’t need to: they speak for themselves. But I defy any person who considers himself a hip-hop aficionado - or any fan of rhythm, music and lyrics - to listen to the albums mentioned here and say they don’t contain the same levels – if not more - of complexity, depth and creativity as any mainstream artist like Kanye West or Lil Wayne.

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10 Popular Artists Who Are Considered Jerks


The release of 'Ender’s Game' has placed author Orson Scott Card at the center of controversy, many choosing to boycott the film. But if a book, movie, song, painting, etc. is good, then it should not matter who made it. In this vein, I present ten artists who are widely considered to be unpleasant or reprehensible but whose works are critically praised.

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The 5 best bowling movies of all time


Movies featuring bowling are extraordinarily rare. Sadly, the majority of bowling movies are lowbrow comedies such as 'King Ralph' or 'She’s Out of My League,' limited-appeal documentaries like 'League of Ordinary Gentlemen,' or whatever the hell 'Sorority Babes in Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama' is. Still, there are some that not only feature this great sport but are also great films.

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