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Iron Man Unplugged: The Importance of Being Tony

iron man 3

Iron Man 3 devotes a surprising amount of time to showing Tony without the suit, almost to the point where some viewers might be disappointed that he doesn’t spend more time suited up. Personally, I was thrilled because it shows an important lesson that I had hoped at least one of the movies, at some point, would show.

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Thor: Claiming Your Godhood

One of the central ideas of this blog is that superheroes are our modern-day gods and demi-gods. They serve many of the same purpose for us as the pantheons of gods served for their respective cultures. I’m speaking here from a cultural and psychological viewpoint, not a theological or metaphysical …

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Iron Man: Step Up to the (Metal) Plate

One look at Iron Man in both the comics and the movies and it’s not hard to see why, on the surface, he’s such a popular character: He’s rich, famous, good-looking, surrounded by cutting-edge technology, creatively and intellectually brilliant and armed with the funniest mouth in the Marvel universe next to Spider-Man. In short, he’s everything that women want and everything that men want to be.

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