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REVIEW: Netflix’s bold ‘Lost in Space’ reboot will satisfy new and old fans alike

There are the two audiences a reboot has to successfully satisfy to succeed: the new fans who want something that fits within their present-day perspective and the older ones who want the acknowledgement of the show's influence on their lives. With 'Lost in Space,' Netflix has done both.

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REVIEW: ‘Team Foxcatcher’ humanizes its subjects but the full story isn’t told

'Team Foxcatcher' tells the tragic story of Olympic champion wrestler Dave Schultz and his murder at the hands of deranged billionaire John E. du Pont. If that story sounds familiar, it’s because the tragedy was recently dramatized in Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher (2014). The documentary does much to fill in the gaps—and correct some inaccuracies—from the dramatization, but still contains some significant omissions.

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