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‘The Young Messiah’ is capable but doesn’t reach the novel’s heights


The movie adaptation of Anne Rice's 'Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt' covers all the major theological events in the book and is filled with competent acting and directing. But it lacks the sumptuous sensory experience that Rice's beautiful prose brings to the book. Still, the movie touches upon many points both humanistic and religious and would make a good film for families to see together.

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You are invited to the ‘Afterparty’: there’ll be lots of drugs and gods

Good science fiction is not about the future so much as the present, and Afterparty by Daryl Gregory is good science fiction. It amplifies the societal insecurities of today and projects them into tomorrow without losing track of the human element that drives dramatic storytelling. With elements of a good mystery, Afterparty is full of twists and turns and red herrings on the way to an unexpected and satisfying resolution.

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Awakening the Hero Within Us

Though not usually consciously recognized as such by the majority of the media-consuming community, pop culture is myth in modern guise.The writings in this column, Hero Worship, will help you to see and recognize pop culture as modern mythology and to be able to use it - as all original myth intended - to awaken the hero within.

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