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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 04/28/2021

As I continue to teach online, the paradigm of the student weighs most pressingly on my mind. You see, most kids don’t realize that the word ‘student’ is not just a descriptor, but a title. It’s a title that historically used to hold great weight in society. When individuals identified …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 03/06/2019

There are some days when you feel like you’re being attacked on all fronts. It’s a legitimate feeling. We all wear many hats and have many different responsibilities. We can’t get everything right and sure enough, there are those days when it seems like everyone is out to get you. …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 06/06/2018

batman 48

It’s a short list this week, which is fitting, given that I’m looking for titles that have straightforward stories. Sometimes, I’m not very sophisticated and sometimes I just want a story that’s got in- your-face attitude. Which makes sense, as this has been a week when everyone has been in …

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