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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 04/28/2021

As I continue to teach online, the paradigm of the student weighs most pressingly on my mind. You see, most kids don’t realize that the word ‘student’ is not just a descriptor, but a title. It’s a title that historically used to hold great weight in society. When individuals identified …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 11/06/2019

I’m all about completion. While I admire quality in pursuing one’s craft, I am also about getting the job done. Depending upon the situation, sometimes I would settle for just getting the job done to a level of acceptability than to a point of perfection. That happens in writing. Creators …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic List – 02/13/2019


There’s a certain level of stress and annoyance that goes along with not completing things. Some people create lists at the start of the day that not only serve as an itinerary or a task list, but also serve as a source of satisfaction. It’s a mini-reward for me, to …

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