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‘C.O.W.L.’ Vol. 1 masterfully weaves Chicago into its truly original superhero story


Just when I think there is nothing more that can be done with the “fights-in-tights” genre, 'C.O.W.L.' comes up with something truly original. In the tradition of 'Watchmen,' this book explores what a world with superheroes would really be like. It's a refreshing take on the superhero genre, with super-powered fistfights taking a backseat to bare-knuckle politics.

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Want-it Wednesday: Marvel Matching Game

marvel matching game

It's well known that games like the Marvel Matching Game that force you to exercise your memory muscles not only develop said memory early on but help maintain its sharpness well into adult life and even the golden years. As such, they're perfect for cross-generation gameplay between kids and adults or seniors.

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